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Buzz, in a tall version - named afterĀ the best man I know šŸ’™14cm tall, 10cm wide

HeĀ comes with a positive affirmation to remind you of the beautiful boss that you areĀ ā™”

PleaseĀ read before purchasingĀ 

Burning Warning:Ā Our candles areĀ best suited for use as decor, but if you feel the urge to burn them,Ā please place the candle on a plate or deep heatproof dish to collect the melted wax and avoid staining surfaces.Ā 

Candles will burn in an irregular way, due to their shape. Follow all safety guidelines and never leave a burning candle unattended.

Please note: As all candles are lovingly handmade and due to the nature of soy wax, small imperfections and colour variations may occur. PleaseĀ keep out of direct sunlightĀ to avoid discolouration.Ā 

*Please allow 5-7 business days before dispatch*

Thank you for supporting my small businessĀ 

ā™”Ā Hannah


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