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Create the perfect mood in any room with this statement mushroom candle lamp

Featuring double wicks, this beautiful piece projects dancing light patterns in the sun and when lit at night, emitting a cozy glow

Fill your home with the delicious aromas of our huge scent range

Once you have burned though your mushroom candle wax, you can place tealights or small pillar candles inside to continue enjoying this stunning piece.


17cm high, 15cm wide

2 piece glass vessel, removable lid

Double wick

100% Premium Soy Wax

Luxury fragrance oils

Over 80 hours burn time

Burning Warning:  Do not leave candle unattended. Please read safety and care instructions supplied with each candle. Candle jar and lid glass will become very hot. Please use hand protection when removing lid after lighting.

Please note: Due to the hand made manufacturing process, each mushroom vessel will be uniquely patterned and slight differences in glassware shape may be visible. Small imperfections may be present.

Thank you for supporting my small business 

♡ Hannah

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